Before & Aftercare Program at Family Christian Center School

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Life never seems to slow down. The weekday routine of getting the kids out of bed, dressed, fed and off to school – all while you’re getting ready for work yourself – can be exhausting. However, the work doesn’t end after the kids are off to school; you still need to pick them up, help them with homework, prepare dinner and get them to bed. While there may be slight variations and some wiggle room in there, this is pretty much the Monday-through-Friday schedule for millions of us. For parents of students enrolled in Family Christian Center School or those considering this Clermont, Florida facility, we’re happy to report that the school’s aftercare program is here to help!

Aftercare at Family Christian Center School is available to elementary and middle school students. School administration has found that this service, which includes beforecare that is held prior to the school day’s start, is an essential service. That’s because the Family Christian Center School community wants to provide students with the right tools to help them both improve academically while letting them let loose for a little bit. That’s because those who enroll in beforecare or aftercare can both complete their homework and use the SkyZone indoor trampoline park as much as they like. This facility, which often hosts community benefit events, is available for use by all Family Christian Center School students. We think this is one more reason why parents and guardians should consider this school as the best place for their children to get a well-rounded education. Not only can you rest assured knowing that the morals you instill at home will be reinforced during the school day, but you’ll always see eye-to-eye with school staff and teachers.

Both beforecare and aftercare at Family Christian Center School is offered Monday through Friday, Wednesdays only or days you specify. We know that personal schedules can vary, so we don’t want to lock you into plans that aren’t convenient for you. Beforecare runs from 7 to 7:45 a.m. on weekdays and aftercare is held from 3 to 6 p.m. while Wednesday sessions are from 1 to 6 p.m. A completed application is required before opting to enroll your student. If your Monday-through-Friday is on the verge of unmanageable, we encourage you to speak with Family Christian Center School administration to see how beforecare and aftercare sessions can help you.