Family Christian Center School

 family christian center school

The growing popularity and tangible benefits of a Christian education have helped to showcase this alternative to public schooling. For parents who want to see their children taught in a manner that’s in line with what would be done at home, then Family Christian Center School offers the perfect solution. Call it practicing what you preach, if you will. Since opening our preschool services in 2004, Family Christian Center School was grown to include elementary, middle and high school students. This was made possible by our growing physical footprint and in 2018, that footprint is going to get even bigger.

At Family Christian Center School, we’ll soon be able to cut the ribbon to a number of new facilities and rooms designed to improve the overall educational experience. A 46,000-square-foot space will include a multi-purpose gym, locker rooms, a commercial kitchen, additional classrooms and office space. Specifically, the new gym at Family Christian Center School will include a basketball court, volleyball court, a cafeteria and stage.

The physical expansion is one completely in sync with our mission and vision of providing children with a well-rounded and faith-based education that “fosters growth in accountability, responsibility, and honorable Christ-like character.” The coming expansion, which we can’t wait to show to parents and students, continues a proud tradition of growing our services to better serve the community. Parents can be rest assured that an education from Family Christian Center School will make their student ready to face the modern world one day while carrying the love and compassion they learned years ago.